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Vol.4, Issue 3, March 2021

Paper Submission:20th march 2021

Author Notification:7-10 days

Journal Publication:30thMarch 2021

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Fabrication and Testing of Aqua Silencer Download PDF
Binu George , Antony Nikhil C.J , Akshay Joseph , Jo Paul John , Vaisak V.

Variation of Fluid Shear Stress on an Obstacle in a Mini-Channel Laminar Flow Download PDF
Benson Augusthy, Binu George, C. N. Kaamil, M. Arun Kumar and K.S. Arjun.

Analysis of B4 and B6 Levels of Bullet-Resistant Glasses Download PDF
Antony Deepak George, Vaisak V

An Experimental Study of Fuel Efficiency on Two Wheeler by Water Injection Method Download PDF
Premkrishnan .P, T.M Haris, Prasad .S, Nishaf U.L, Sajesh .M.

Corrosion and Erosion Wear of Solid Particles in Cyclically Cryogenic Treated 316L Stainless Steel Download PDF
Akhil K Nandan , Rahul N R

Advanced Rubber Tree Tapping Machine Download PDF
J V C Maliackal, Asif K A, Sajith P A, Sajo K Joseph, Yazir

Limonene as a Source of Compression Ignition Engine Fuel Download PDF
Jinesh Vinayachandran, Justin Mathew, Anand S, Athul M V

A virtual study on CAD and its applications in HVAC Download PDF
Dhanya G S, Deepu S Nair

Thermal Performance Analysis & Investigation on Reducing Room Temperature Using Solar Concrete Collector. Download PDF
Aswathy Reghu, Jose. K. Jacob, Anoop Lonappan

Fabrication and Computational Analysis of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal Roofing Panel Download PDF
Viswath Satheesh, Devanand C N.

Development of a Dynamic Load Scheduling Algorithm for Efficient Energy Utilization Download PDF
Chithira Sudhakaran, Shouri P V.

A Study on Performance of Air Cooled Steam Condenser Download PDF
Govind Reghunath and Abin Mathew

Design of a Low Cost Dual Axis Tracking Fresnel Lens Concentrated Solar PV System Download PDF
Geethumol P G, Askkar Ali P

Development of a Lowcost Converter for a Stand Alone Photovoltaic Water Pumping System Download PDF
Nima S. Sudhan, Shine U.P.

Rice Water as a Source of Motor Fuel Download PDF
Ashish Tom Abraham , Dennis R. Thomas , Joseph P. Cherian , Jinesh Vinayachandran.

A Comprehensive Review on Ejector in Refrigeration Application Download PDF
K S Sabin Paul and Abin Mathew

Design and fabrication of solar powered thermoelectric water cooler and heater Download PDF
Faris Ahmed, Askkar Ali P.

Computational Analysis of Sail Shaped Blades for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) Download PDF
Yathi Ajay.A.V, Joe Francis T

Effective Methodology for Pollution Control from Old Automobiles - Study Based On Cochin City Download PDF

Design and Fabrication of Solar Powered Treadmill Electric Bi-Cycle Download PDF
Anandhu Vijayakumar, Vishnu M, Ujith Krishna K.U, Allwin Joshy, Ramdas J

Automatic Switching Multi-fuel Engine Download PDF
Amal Das N S, Xavier Beneesh K B, Alen Jose Simon, Siju Salam

Design and Analysis of Kinetic Energy Recovery System in BicyclesDownload PDF
Kaustav Nandy, Karan Karthikeyan, Nibin Winston, Freddy Sandle, Basil.M.Varghese.

Design and Development of Aquatic Weed &Waste Harvester (AQUAMAN) Download PDF
Sanjay Sagar, Sivaprasad R, Ankith T K,Anathanunni K PSanjay Sagar, Sivaprasad R, Ankith T K,Anathanunni K P.

Design and Fabrication of Two Wheel Drive Motorcycle Download PDF
Rovin Saju , Sreejith S.G, Antony Clement Midhun Thomas, Naveen K.V, Manu Antony

Clay Box Refrigerator with Solar Air Cooler Download PDF
Sekher K. A, Ajithkumar P. P, Syamlal V, Mohammed Shareef R. K, Aswathy Reghu

Performance Analysis of Inbuilt Solar Water Heater on Concrete Roof Top Download PDF
Jophin Babu, Askkar Ali P

Compressed Biogas Fired Reciprocating Engines for Power Generation Download PDF
Danial Thomas, Jins Kuriakose, Naveen Thomas K, Nissam K Hussain, E K Mathai

Study of Biogas as a Substitute For Fossil Fuels in Stationary Engines Download PDF
Mohammed Ebrahim, Jinson Paul

Computational and Experimental Investigation on Free Air Jet. Download PDF
Prasanth Panakkal.

Design of Automatic Railway Track Crack Detecting VehicleDownload PDF
Ebi Benny, Lipson Baby, Muhammad Jiswan K.A, Sreejith Sankarankutty, Manu Antony.

Study on Effects of Biogas on Engine Performance Download PDF
Nafeer Najeeb1, Jinson Paul

Comparison of Various Routing Network Protocols in an Ad-Hoc System with Mobility Download PDF
Manikandan K , Dhruv Tiwari , Sakshi Tayal , Aditya Vikram Satnalika , Hardika Goyal .